In China, when a kid turns 14, they can no longer be adopted. This means that they lose the opportunity to ever have a family who loves them.

Last September, I made a short video about Gabriel, a 13 year-old orphan who was only 9 months away from turning 14. The video received hundreds of shares and was seen on thousands of newsfeeds. After only a few weeks, a family began the process of adopting Gabriel.

Because of the success of Gabriel’s video, I am partnering with Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village, a foster home for special-needs children in China, to advocate for even more orphans. I will make weekly videos advocating for kids just like Gabriel on my YouTube channel and website,

In order to advocate for these children while in China, I need partners just like you. I need to raise $24,000 for my yearly production budget—that’s about $2,000 a month. I’ve already raised over 1/3 of this goal so far.  If I can get 10 more partners to donate $50 a month and 6 more to donate $150 a month, we would hit this goal.

We’ve already seen how a video helped Gabriel find his forever family. Please Share this video with your family, friends, and maybe even a stranger. Together, we can help even more orphans find their forever families—one video at a time.

If you would like to donate any amount towards this project, please click the link below.

Thank you,
Joshua Kaufmann
Filmmaker & Cultural Nomad