Gabriel Found a Forever Family! Here is How
You Help More Orphans Just Like Him.

In China, when a kid turns 14, they can no longer be adopted. This means that they lose the opportunity to ever have a family who loves them.

Last September, I made a short video about Gabriel, a 13 year-old orphan who was only 9 months away from turning 14. The video received hundreds of shares and was seen on thousands of newsfeeds. After only a few weeks, a family began the process of adopting Gabriel.

Because of the success of Gabriel’s video, I am partnering with Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village, a foster home for special-needs children in China, to advocate for even more orphans. I will make weekly videos advocating for kids just like Gabriel on my YouTube channel and website,

In order to advocate for these children while in China, I need partners just like you. I need to raise $24,000 for my yearly production budget—that’s about $2,000 a month. I’ve already raised over 1/3 of this goal so far.  If I can get 10 more partners to donate $50 a month and 6 more to donate $150 a month, we would hit this goal.

We’ve already seen how a video helped Gabriel find his forever family. Please Share this video with your family, friends, and maybe even a stranger. Together, we can help even more orphans find their forever families—one video at a time.

If you would like to donate any amount towards this project, please click the link below. The link with say “Filmmaker” instead of Nomad Notepad or Joshua Kaufmann. This is me.

Thank you,
Joshua Kaufmann
Filmmaker & Cultural Nomad

Help orphans find their forever families...

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$16,002 of $24,000 Raised

Help orphans find forever families...

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