Meet Patrick, The Sweetest Kid I Know.

Patrick is one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met. In China, when a kid passes their 14th birthday, they can no longer be adopted. In August, Patrick turns 13 and will only…

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Gabriel Found a Forever Family! Here is How You Help More Orphans Just Like Him.

When an orphan in China turns 14, they can no longer be adopted. Joshua Kaufmann is helping these orphans find families before the clock runs out, and you can help!

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What is a “Cultural Nomad?”

Some of you may be asking, who is this “Cultural Nomad,” and what does he do? Check out my newest video to find out!

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Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card and Help Advocate for Orphans!

Want to help advocate for orphans and possibly win a $25 Amazon gift card? Enter my contest below! This coming year, I will be making weekly videos about the orphans at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village, an orphanage for special-needs orphans outside of Beijing, China. My goal is to help you get to know the kids and hopefully find them forever families.

Joshua Kaufmann’s Mission Videos Premiere!

As most of you know, I spent a month and a half in both China and Peru this year making videos about ministries and the good people are doing there. The orphanage I was at is called Shepherd's Field Children's Village, and it is where my new brother Su Xin is coming...