Meet Patrick, The Sweetest Kid I Know.

Patrick is one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met. In China, when a kid passes their 14th birthday, they can no longer be adopted. In August, Patrick turns 13 and will only…

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Gabriel Found a Forever Family! Here is How You Help More Orphans Just Like Him.

When an orphan in China turns 14, they can no longer be adopted. Joshua Kaufmann is helping these orphans find families before the clock runs out, and you can help!

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What is a “Cultural Nomad?”

Some of you may be asking, who is this “Cultural Nomad,” and what does he do? Check out my newest video to find out!

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What is a “Cultural Nomad?”

Whose "Notepad" is this? I am Joshua Kaufmann--a filmmaker and cultural nomad. There are many people in the world who are doing good. I tell their stories. In China, when an orphan turns 14, they can no longer be...

I was visiting China for the weekend. What made me stay?

Click here to the first video here! Have you ever dreamt of randomly taking off on an adventure to another country? This has been one of my dreams for quite some time. This past week, this dream came true! I had planned to stay only for the weekend, but after only a...

What are Pierogi doing in the Amazon?

Despite the strange title, it is actually a very easy question to answer. Today is one of my last days here in Nauta—I leave on Wednesday next week. Everyday, either Clementina, Anna, Rildo, or Daniel make us a tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In order to thank...

My Amazing Host Family here in Lima

Every time I come to Peru, I’m amazed by the hospitality and humility shown to me. My past week in Lima wasn’t any different. As I said in a previous post, after the Youth Camp in Nauta, their leader, Marco, invited me to come to Lima with them to meet some more...

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