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Title Category Address Description
97 Forbidden City, Beijing Places Forbidden City, Beijing
96 Langfang, China Cities Langfang, China
95 China Countries China
94 Beijing, China Cities Beijing, China
93 Start of the Amazon River -4.447736, -73.451554
29 Canada Countries Canada
28 Toronto, Canada Cities Toronto, Canada
27 Mexico Countries Mexico
26 Brazil Countries Brazil
25 Peru Countries Peru
23 Italy Countries Italy
22 Orvieto, Italy Cities Orvieto, Italy
21 Rome, Italy Cities Rome, Italy
20 Switzerland Countries Switzerland
19 France Countries France
18 Germany Countries Germany
17 Berlin, Germany Cities Berlin, Germany
16 Nyon, Switzerland Cities Nyon, Switzerland
15 Annecy, France Cities Annecy, France
14 Mexicali, Mexico Cities Mexicali, Mexico
13 Nauta, Peru Cities Nauta, Peru
12 Ferney-Voltaire, France Cities Ferney-Voltaire, France
11 Gex, France Cities Gex, France
10 Potsdam, Germany Cities Potsdam, Germany
09 Dresden, Germany Cities Dresden, Germany
08 Leipzig, Germany Cities Leipzig, Germany
07 Frankfort, Germany Cities Frankfort, Germany
06 Iquitos, Peru Cities Iquitos, Peru
05 Sao Paulo, Brazil Cities Sao Paulo, Brazil
04 Lima, Peru Cities Lima, Peru
03 Paris, France Cities Paris, France
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