Nauta Kids

Nauta Kids

We arrived safely in Nauta on Saturday after a 7 hour flight delay, and 9 bottles of bug spray short. No, we didn’t use it. For some reason Star Peru airlines said it was dangerous, even though we had brought it through two flights with Delta already. We are glad to be with our friends now, but needless to say, I don´t think I’ll be flying Star Peru again. We do still have 5 bottles of blug spray between Chris, MaryBeth, and I, so hopefully it will last. Sorry for not writing a blog post since we got to the Amazon. The internet here is really slow, and we have to go to an internet café in town to get online.

Some Peruvian Friends!

My American and Peruvian Pastors along with a new friend Juan Rabasa on the right

I had met two YWAM missionaries who knew two Christian Peruvian Lawyers, Juan and Aida, in Lima, and they said I should try to meet with them. The night before we left Lima, we were finally able to go over their house, and they served us one very delicious meal—mushrooms and rice, spinache pie, and apple pie for dessert! Juan works for the District of Callao in Lima, and he invited us to a major Christian even on July 30th in Lima. They expect 4,000 pastors from around Peru, and the President of Peru might be there as well! I’m praying I can easilly change my flight so I can go. If I do stay, I’ll need to get some nice clothes though, because I didn´t expect to have to dress up this trip!

The Passport team (college team) from Adventures In Missions (the organization I first came here with) was already in Nauta when we arrived. It is a small team, and we’ve already made some good friends. To top it off, it´s great to be with my Peruvian family: Daniel, Clemenita, and Pastor William. It´s also been great to see some of the friends I made last time I was here and to see how some of the kids have grown. We are staying at the main base of Pastor William´s ministry which they call the Camplemento. They’ve added some nice additions since I was last here. Namely: electricity.

Iquitos, Peru Street

Iquitos, Peru Street

Although this is only the first week in Nauta, I’ve been one of the few people sick! Just my luck. However, Chris beat me by getting sick one of the first days in Lima. Chris has been having a great time in Peru, and he was excited to team some of the peruvian high schoolers how to play American Football (because they call soccer football here). So far, Chris’ favorite thing here has been the fish which he literally says is “fantastic!” The other day, we got to try Amazonian ceviche made out of the Paiche fish, and I have to say…it was the best ceviche I´ve ever had. If you´ve never heard of what paiche is, it’s a giant fish that lives in the Amazon River. By giant, I mean the babies can be 4 to 6 feet in length and they use big their 1 to 2 inch scales for jewelry.

We will most likely help with planning the children´s congresso which is essentially a big VBS/summer camp where 200 kids from Nauta and villages along the rivers come to the Camplemento for about a week. Sadly, we have to leave a week before it actually occurs, but I am so happy their ministry is able to impact so many children´s lives.

Please be praying for not only us, but for the passport team, Pastor´s family, and for the children´s congresso. Also, please pray for the health and safety of not only myself, but for all the people doing ministry here.

Dios té bendiga!


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