Me and Chris in front of the Lima Basillica

We are officially at the one week mark! Chris and I have been having an awesome time in Lima getting to know many of Pastor William’s friends and family. Abuelita (that is, Pastor’s mother) is so adorable! I just want to keep hugging her all the time.

On Saturday, we went to downtown Lima, which was really amazing. Quite different, and very much the nice, touristy part of town. We got to see the “Peruvian White House” where the president lives, and the mainchurchofPeruis beautiful. I took many photos of the whole place that I wish I could show you, but if you follow me on Facebook, my camera was stolen on our way back that day. We were on our taxi on the way back home, and I had my window open to take photos of the city. As the taxi just slowed down for a second, a man ran up and within 3-4 seconds, he grabbed my camera out of my hands through the window and broke the wrist strap. It was crazy! I had heard that you can have things stolen through a window, but I was in the second seat out of 4 people in the back of a taxi. I wasn’t even taking pictures at the time. But, you live and learn. Thankfully it was an inexpensive camera I picked up for my last trip 3 years ago. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get another either here or something. I can take pictures with my phone, but they’re not very good.

A Mountain in Lima

Yesterday was the last day of the conference. If you read my last post, you know that the “preachers” and the denomination are very much the heretical kind of charismatic. I have no problem with the charismatic movement in and of itself, but these people don’t know they’re Bible, they are teaching false doctrine, and out of the whole week, only one person said anything about Christ on the cross. It was mostly about how God can and will make you a millionaire—essentially trying to control the poor through their message. They even would make people get out of their seats to make an offering. It’s sad. Some of my good friends grew up in and are charismatic, and I know they are strong Christians, but these “teachers” were just sad. But, on to the great parts of here in Lima because the church “services” took up only a few of the nights.

Sunday, after church, we played volleyball with most of the church and a lot of other people for a few hours. I tried something called “manzana dulce” which is kind of like a caramel apple but with crystallized sugar on the outside instead. It’s realllyyy good. Afterwards, we came back to the house, and Willy and Clementina taught us how to salsa—Peruvian style! I also showed them how to swing dance. We had a great time.

Overall, we’ve had a great time this week. I can’t wait to get to the Amazon to see Daniel and Crystal and start doing ministry!

God bless,

Josh and Chris

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