s awesome how ev Our third day in Lima is officially over, and we’ve been having a great time with our new friends! This week has been quite laid back in comparison to how the rest of the summer will be. We’ve been hanging out with Pastor William and his big family. We keep meeting more cousins, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.  And I have to let you guys know, Pastor’s mother is an amazing cook! The first day we arrived at her house, she accepted us into their familAy saying “MI casa es tu casa” (my house is your house).

And in regards to the Peruvian food—WOW! Not only is all the food here amazing, but the fruits are so ripe and sweet. The fruit also grow giant here! (See photo) Then, the meals are huge and absolutely fantastic and filling. Yesterday, we tried this Peruvian cheese sauce that you put on potatoes. Let’s just say, it was the best cheese sauce I have ever tasted. I’m definitely bringing back the recipe. Hopefully I can share it with ys awesome how even though Chris and I are not fluent in Spanish, smiles and laughs cross all languages, and there have been many of those! Clementina, Pastor’s wife, has literally the most infectious laugh I have ever heard. Yes, even more than my brother Isaac. The laughter may be dangerously contagious.
Yesterday night we went to the opening service for the denominational conference which is happening this weekend. It is a very charismatic group, and the music and worship is great. Sadly, the teaching from the speaker has been less than Biblical. He effectively takes advantage of the fact that many Peruvians are poor and preaches a radical “heath and wealth” message.
In regards to this preacher’s Biblical understanding, part of his message yesterday was how Abraham (not Moses) left Egypt and a few other things that are obviously not what happened in the Bible. This situation with the denomination makes me very sad. As my friend MaryBeth said, “These people could be hearing the Gospel,” but instead, they are hearing things that aren’t in the Bible. At this point, I’d like to ask you to pray for all the people at the conference. Please pray for their eyes and hearts to be opened to the truth, and that they receive discernment about these teachings.

Thank you for your prayers for both Chris and I, and I can’t wait to share with you all that God is doing this summer.

Chris Duncan and Josh Kaufmann

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