Sipping wine at a Berlin wine festival¬†As I stepped off the plane into the Frankfurt Airport I was greeted by a friendly, “morgen!” Suddenly, I realized I was not in Michigan anymore. As I looked out the windows, I saw hills covered in trees. This isn’t such as strange sight to see for a person living in Plymouth, MI. However, it is not what you expect to see in a bustling, big city. This was definitely a pleasant surprise.

After we went through customs, we met with Norma–my friend’s mom–who came to take the train with us back to Berlin. I was so excited as we boarded the train. I had always heard how much fun it is to take a train across the European country-side, and everyone was very right! It is beautiful.

Germany Countryside

I am used to traveling to very different places than my own such as Peru and Brazil. Here in Germany, the landscape is vaguely familiar, but so different at the same time. The moments I would start to think I was still in Michigan, a small castle on a hill would pop out behind a tree or the red building roofs would remind me I am really here.

While we were riding the train, we played a few games of hearts and rummy. (I’m expected these games to get pretty serious over the next few weeks). When we finally arrived in Berlin, we headed to our apartment. The city was nothing like I’d imagined. It was so much calmer and quieter than major American cities like New York. I seem to be about twice as loud as the average Berliner (a person from Berlin). Of course, I have n’t been to the city center or the very touristy locations yet, but I am very excited to do so. I am excited to be in a country with such a full history.

Statue at a Fountain

Last night, I went to a wine festival with my friend, Rachel. I got a red wine, and she got a white. To put it simply, they were amazing. For dinner, I went with my friends to get Currywurst, which, I am told, is very stereotypical Berlin food, and it was very tasty. I’ve yet to try any German beer yet, but I’m sure it won’t be too long before I do.

Although I’ve only barely had a taste of Germany and the city of Berlin, I can already say that I like it here.

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