Every time I come to Peru, I’m amazed by the hospitality and humility shown to me. My past week in Lima wasn’t any different.

As I said in a previous post, after the Youth Camp in Nauta, their leader, Marco, invited me to come to Lima with them to meet some more Christians here in Peru.  In Lima, we stayed with Pastor Fabian and his wife Cecilia. Pr. Fabian runs a church in Marquez, Lima—one of the poorer areas in Lima.  There is lots of alcoholism, drug addicts, and even prostitution.

Annie with a big smile hugging her Dad

Annie with a big smile hugging her Dad, Pastor Fabian

Before living and working in Marquez, Pr. Fabian and his family were very, very poor. They had dirt floors and a ceiling made of plastic which would always leak. I was told that, one day, he felt lead to go to an even poorer section of Lima to minister to the people their and help them. Out of his little, he gave much to share God’s love.

Eventually Pastor Fabian connected with Message Ministries. Through their partnership, they built a 4 story building in Marquez , Lima with a Church on the first floor, a home for Pastor and his family on the second, a Bible school and dormitory for missionaries on the third, and the fourth will be a conference and work area.

Kids singing at church in Lima

Kids singing at church in Lima

Although he now lives in Marquez, he still works in the even poorer parts of Lima. A few days before I left Lima, he brought me to his church in one of the poor areas on the top of one of the large hills in Lima, and I got to meet some of the families and youth he has brought into the church.

Pastor Fabian and his family showed me such incredible, humble, love. When you meet them, you can tell they love people and God. I got to be friends with their little girl, Annie, who is normally very shy but I got to laugh quite a few times. They all have such a great sense of humor. After only a week with them, I know I will definitely moss them!

A Beautiful Sunset in Marquez, Lima

A Beautiful Sunset in Marquez, Lima

Pastor Fabian is truly an example of how we can love and help others in any circumstance. Sometimes, it’s out of our little that God can do much!

Before I left, Pastor Fabian asked me if I could come back one day to make a video about his ministry. I filmed a little bit of footage while I was there, so I will probably make a short video about him. But, I hope I can return one day to make a video telling his story and how God has worked through him and his family.

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