A day after I arrived, the missions team from Lima arrived in Nauta. A couple of the team members spoke English, and we became friends really quickly. The team’s ages ranged from 14 to 24—not including the leaders.

As some of you know, the team came to put on a camp for the youth in Nauta. It was so amazing to see youth from different parts of Peru ministering to and discipling each other! This was a great inspiration to me because it helped me se how God is currently working in and through His people in Peru.

The camp was 3 days long, and started on Wednesday the 5th of February. The youth really loved the worship music and the games, but they also learned quite a lot about what it means to be a Christian youth. In the Peruvian Amazon, alcoholism is a huge problem. In addition, many people have kids outside of marriage, and some don’t even get married. This camp was really amazing because the youth from Lima were able to share their stories and testimonies with the youth and encouragement.

Youth Praying during the Nauta Youth Camp

Youth Praying during the Nauta Youth Camp

On the last day of the camp, there was an amazing Rainbow across the sky! Definitely a beautiful finish to an amazing event.

During the camp, I recorded a lot of footage of the youth from Lima ministering to and working with the youth in Nauta. When I return to the US in March, I will post a video sharing more about the camp, and probably a story or two!

Before the team from Lima left Nauta, they visited a village called Grau which you can only get to by boat. They brought new glasses and did basic eye exams for the people of the village. While people were waiting, and after they received their glasses, the youth ministered and evangelized to the people. It was truly amazing to see!

Cynthia, from Lima, Ministering

Cynthia, from Lima, ministering to a man from Grau

The missions trip to Nauta for the team from Lima was supported by Message Ministries, a missions organization based in Florida. I made a quick, short video to show the youth at the end of the camp. Message Ministries wants to put it on their site, so that is why I’m not sharing it with you right now. Once it is up, I’ll share a link. I’m hoping that in the future, God-willing, I can work together with their ministry and their partner ministries in different countries to share what God is doing there through video.

Me (Joshua) recording video of a game during the youth camp in Nauta.

Me (Joshua) recording video of a game during the youth camp in Nauta.

I knew I was going to be making a video to share about the ministry happening here in Peru, but I did not expect to make such amazing new friends! Friends like Marco, the leader, JJ (another American and the son of the president of Message Ministries), Cynthia, Emily, Damaris, Loamy, and all the others! Marco, invited me to visit Lima with them for a week and stay at a church. This past week I stayed with him and JJ at a church in Lima. The pastor’s family we stayed with were absolutely amazing and humble. I’ll share more about them in my next post.

Dios te bendiga!

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