Last night, I arrived back in Iquitos after spending a week in Lima with my new ministry friends. There was a shuttle ready to bring me to the hotel. The man was holding a dry-erase board with my name on it! Now, that hasn’t happened before. As we started heading to the hotel, I started talking to the driver in my very broken Spanish. I found out the driver’s name was Ronald—he said, just like Ronald Reagan. He said he knew a little bit of English, but never speaks with the guests because he is normally very nervous. For some reason, we became friends quickly. After arriving at the hotel, Ronald asked if we could meet up to practice English and Spanish. Ari’s Hotel is where I was staying in Iquitos, and they have a burger restaurant down the street. So, we decided to meet up there. When we arrived, I found out Ronald worked at the restaurant for 8 years, so he knew pretty much everything about the place and the people. When our food arrived at the table, something unexpected happened. Two little street kids came over to our table with plastic bags asking for food. Now, I don’t know exactly what the boys do with the food, but Ronald tried to explain to me that the children don’t just eat it. Usually their parents send them out to do this. But, instead of shoeing the kids away, Ronald invited the boys to sit with us and share dinner. This was really awesome! Ronald asked the waiter for two plates, and divided up his food between them. I offered to share some of mine, but he said he doesn’t normally eat a large dinner anyways. After the boys finished up their food, I showed them a few magic tricks, and they loved that. I share this story not necessarily to teach something, but to show how I was blessed to see my new Peruvian friend caring for others in such a way. It was truly a great example. As we talked, I found out he had been baptized as a child in the Catholic church, but never really continued believing as an adult. Nevertheless, I think we Christians can learn from his kindness. I pray that I can continue my friendship with Ronand and hopefully invite him to a church. Ronald has two children, a 7 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. He is not married—which is quite normal here in the Amazon—sadly. Currently, I do not have any connections with churches in Iquitos, but I will talk to my friends in Nauta. Pray I can connect him with a church that can encourage and disciple him. I know he has a good heart, and I can see that God could use him in amazing ways.

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