You may have noticed some of your friends (including myself) have changed their profile photos to the Arabic letter, “ن”. This letter, nūn, symbolizes the word “Nazarene” or Christian. This symbol is being used by ISIS (Islamic State) to brand Christian buildings and homes in order to run them away.

Many families are being pushed to do one of three things: (1) convert to Islam, (2) play a ridiculous tax, or (3) to leave. They are given 24 hours to decide. If they do not choose one of these three, or decide to stay, they were threatened with death.

Already, many news agencies, churches, and other organizations have either changed their logo in support of the Christians in Iraq or posted ن in support.

Please pray for our brother’s and sisters in Iraq.


To see what I am doing to help ministries and encourage our brothers and sisters around the world, check out my YouTube channel, Nomad Notepad.

Learn more about what is happening in Iraq at these links:

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