Whose “Notepad” is this?

I am Joshua Kaufmann–a filmmaker and cultural nomad. There are many people in the world who are doing good. I tell their stories. In China, when an orphan turns 14, they can no longer be adopted. I make videos advocating for these orphans in  before the clock runs out. In order to do this, I work with Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village, a foster home outside of Beijing, China.

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What is a “Cultural Nomad?”

I grew up making friends from all around the world. This made my outlook on the world and people subtlely different than the average American. To me, being a cultural nomad means I love people from every language, ethnicity, and corner of the globe. I love making new friends in new places while learning about their families and their histories. Being a cultural nomad means I never truly feel part of any particular culture, yet I feel at home where ever I am–as long as I’m making new friends.

A bit about my family

I have a pretty big family with 5 brothers, my one sister, and my parents. I am super proud of my family, and I wouldn’t have done anything good in my life without them supporting me every step.

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