Patrick is one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met.  He is 12 years old, and came to live at Shepherd’s Field two years ago.

Patrick loves super heroes. His absolute favorite  superhero is from a show called, “Ultraman. His favorite game is to act out an epic Ultraman battle, usually ending up with him as Ultraman destroying the bad guy (whoever he is playing with) and saving the day once again.

Though he has paralysis in his right arm and leg, Patrick keeps up just fine with all the other children. In fact, all the other  kids look up to Patrick as their big brother. Patrick does not let his disability define what he can and cannot do.

In China, when a kid passes their 14th birthday, they can no longer be adopted. In August, Patrick turns 13 and will only have one more year until he ages out and can never have a family of his own.

Please help us to find his forever family by sharing this video. And, also remember that you could be his forever family, too.

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